My Casual Friday for 2 November 2012

My Casual Friday 2 November 2012
It is Friday! Not only is it the end of the work week, I also get wear more casual clothes to the office. This is something I look forward to all week because it means I get to wear some of my more creative pieces and be more relaxed.
This week’s look focuses on how to balance a look and takes a cue from the menswear pieces that are everywhere this Fall. This look highlights the oxford shoe and a blazer two traditional, menswear pieces. These pieces are balanced with a flowing top and delicate jewelry. Together they form a balanced outfit that looks polished and on trend.
On the shoes I like the detail of a traditional oxford it provides. While this is traditionally a mens style shoe, there are several women’s versions available right now.  The detailing on the oxford gives a crisp masculine edge to any look making it current. The masculine edge of the shoe is continued with the blazer. Although the blazer I picked is in a feminine color, its shape is still fairly masculine.
To balance the masculinity in this look, I’ve added a flowing top in a feminine color. The cut and fabric of this top definitely brings some femininity back to the outfit and balances the more masculine pieces. So to not overwhelm this look, I’ve kept the accessories delicate and simple. A pair of stud earrings and a delicate feather necklace which also brings some more balance. Although I used to wear mostly silver toned jewelry, recently I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to gold tones. I think they bring femininity to looks along with some charm.
This is my casual Friday inspiration. What is yours?

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