My Casual Friday 13 January 2012

My Casual Friday * 13 January 2012
You know you are in for a long week if by Monday afternoon you are already counting down the moments until Friday. That is how this week started for me. And while I survived, I can’t really say that the week was fantastic. But, like I said, I survived. The survival of this week calls for some pure comfort. So this Friday I am going to forgo my normal polished casual and go for something more casual.
This t-shirt fits the bill because the subtle feather print takes it from plain T-shirt to something more special. By adding a statement ring and metallic handbag I will be ready to scream “T-G-I-F” when I am running out the door tomorrow night.

Mango kimono top
€12 –

J.Crew vintage style jeans
$45 –

Converse low shoes
$85 –

La Diva satin clutch bag
$68 –

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian pave jewelry
$50 –

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