Be Jeweled

Be Jeweled
I have long believed that sometimes life just needs a bit more sparkle and shine. Adding something sparkly and unexpected can make even the most basic outfit fun and different. One of my favorite ways to spice up a basic dress at work is to add a piece of jewelry in an unexpected color or design.
I can see any of the pieces above working well with your basic work wardrobe. As with most accessories, these all will work with your favorite little black dress or whatever your favorite workday outfit may be.
I also love the idea of using the green necklace as a filler piece with a suit. I would definitely pair it with my black suit and a white shirt. A great pop of color like this necklace serves many functions. It allows you to incorporate a new color without being too bold. It also adds interest to the outfit making a basic suit seem new and different.
If you aren’t a necklace person, then either the bracelet could work for you. These are more traditional “sparkle pieces” that either one alone could be worn to work. Personally I love the idea of wearing the earrings with my hair pulled back. I think they add the right amount of sparkle but with a classic art deco design that keeps them work appropriate. Also, the great thing with the earrings and bracelet is that they are easily scalable. You can wear either to work during the day and add the other to make your work outfit transition from work until a night out.
Moving on to the orange and gold studded bracelet, to me this piece is a bit edgier than the others. It signifies sophisticated badass that I secretly think is inside every successful woman. I would probably save this piece for a day when I knew I needed that little bit of edge. So whether you are walking into the boardroom to make the pitch of your life or the courtroom to make a killer closing argument or anywhere in between this piece may be just what you need to say your piece.
And, finally, my favorite piece – the faux diamond ring. I love the sweetness of this ring and how it seems light. I think it would look great on its own or mixed with other rings.
Oh and the coffee mug- totally needs to go on my desk!
Credits: Be Jeweled by ProfChic featuring jade jewelry

Linea Pelle Collection wrap jewelry
$32 –

By Boe ring
$48 –

BB Dakota jade jewelry
$45 –

Betsey Johnson gold tone jewelry
$35 –

Kate Spade vintage looking jewelry
$20 –

Oasis vintage looking jewelry
$18 –

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