Sunday Confessions

06 November 2011

Sunday Confessions

I have a confession I must make. Sometimes I get into a fashion rut. I find a great top or a great dress and I want to wear it multiple times in a week or once a week. This is fine when you are a student and see different sets of people everyday, but in a office full of coworkers who some weeks see you more than your family, this doesn’t work so well.

This week I pledge to not get into a fashion rut. I am going to use this great dress, the colors in it and the textures of the accessories to inspire my daily choices. This week I am saying bye to my basic black (don’t worry, I am sure I will return soon) and turn to some great fall hues. From carmel-est of browns, to the sharpest of navies and a bit of pink in-between, this week is all about breaking up the rut!


Summer dress
$40 –

H&m boots
20 –

H M leather bag
25 –

Wood cuff bracelet
€21 –

ASOS stone jewelry
$18 –

Dorothy Perkins square earrings
7.50 –

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